How to make self destructing E-MAIL

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This method is very useful for to send secret message to your friend.

How to make self destructing  E-MAIL follow the method.

Heres' the SECRET

*) First to make account on this site.




**) After creating successfully account  and go to your regular mail account and  send mail to friend
3) At vitim side that receive message and  read message after  1 minute Email  will remove

***) Now using  self destructing service also track person location and ip who read your msg.  Go to

Login your account in that site. And after you will see mail you send from other email account .and open it. You will get detail
Using this technique also you can find victim exact location and service provider ip address. 

****) With Email will delete at certain level of time you allot time before you make an self destructive email and this works without registration