Convert ur image to ASCII with Backtrack

Saturday, 31 March 2012

We make many or search many sms or photos in ASCII

now it will be not a problem now u can make any image or even ur image in ASCII
How to do it

Heres' the SECRET

** Open ur backtrack 5

*** in that open terminal
*** and type in command

apt-get install jp2a   this command will install the software ::

then put any ur image or any image having extension jpg on the dekstop

then type the command

cd Desktop and hit enter

then type command

ls to check the list of all the image u have in ur desktop in backtrack 5 :)

then command to convert the image is

jp2a (name of the image with extension .jpg) and press enter

like for example

jp2a pprasoon.jpg and press enter ur done ::

heres' the video tutorial see and do it ::  Click on me

© pprasoon nigam