How to Block Multiple Websites

Thursday, 14 July 2011

How to Block Multiple Websites :)

HERE is the Secret

** Step 1

      Click "Start," then click "Run" and type "notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts" into the dialog box if you are using Windows XP or an earlier version of Windows. The select "Enter."

      If you are using Windows Vista or later versions, type the text into the "Start Search" box and select the icon that appears at the top of the window.

**      Step 2

      Go to the last line of the document that opens and insert the following:

Here is the view

      Replace the examples with the actual names of the websites you want to block.
  **   Step 3

      Insert as many or as few entries as you wish, depending on the number of websites you want to block.
**     Step 4

      Select "Ctrl-S" to save the document and close it. None of the sites you've entered will open on your computer.

How to block a Website using Internet Explorer

Here is the Secret

*. Open your Internet explorer*. Click Tools 
*. Click Internet Options
*. Click the Privacy tab 
*. Under the Privacy window, Click Sites
*. Type in the site address that you want to Block and Click OK.

How to Restrict a Website using Firefox

Here is Secret
*. Open Firefox, click Tools
*. Click Add-ons
*. Click Get Add-ons 
*. Choose Browse All Add-ons. 
*. Type blocksite in the search bar.After installing the add-on you will be able to block sites with just a few clicks.

How to block a Website using Google Chrome
Here is the Secret

*. Open your Chrome Web Browser
*. Click the wrench symbol in he upper right corner.
*. Choose Tools
*. Click Under the Hood tab.
*. Choose Change Proxy Settings.
*. Click Security, click Restricted Sites
*. Double click Sites and add the site you want block

                                        Block Website with the help of software

Use NetNanny software to block the websites
To Download the software = Click on me


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