Now use Internet Pendrive or Usb

Thursday, 7 July 2011

What is usb or pendrive ?

Its a small drive which is used to read and write in it.. Its portable that cam be taken anywhere in your pocket..

* Some time USB or pendrive are used for hacking

* It is also use to take your sensitive data in absence

* USB and pendrive brings lots of virus from one system to another

* Formatting too much makes usb and pendrive corrupted .. can not be use futher

* Sometimes its cost too much also for large amount of space

Lets Change Our Style

Use Internet Pendrive which is free and space starts from 2GB to 500GB

Here are the two best Internet Pendrine

ADrive    :: link to website click here ::   Its give you 50GB of space

FileFactory  :: link to website click here  :: Its give 500GB of space

* just make free account :: The sign up is free

* Go anywhere internet is with you :: upload the file and Download the file

* No virus will be uploaded or downloaded

* The things will never be destroyed and kept for years & years

* No formatting

* Very easy to use

* The only thing is you need is INTERNET

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