Friday, 10 February 2012

             :: Bluetooth and mobile hacking software in one place ::

What this Bluetooth hacking software do ?

Heres' the SECRET

Connect to to any mobile with the help of bluetooth then u can call to any person with ur mobile and and no. will be shown will the mobile u r connected to and and money will charged of the connected phone ::

U can send sms to the other mobile from the mobile u r connected ::
U can delete copy and even cut some items from his mobile to ur mobile ::

U can do bar code hacking  just insert bar code no.s and u get all the details
U have dictionary of computer science, Hindi to English and vice versa words converter and English to Hindi dictionary

U can send free sms joining to free sms websites
U can send sms at the time u want :: Fix the time and sms will be sent to the person

U can lock ur personal folders
U will have different types of music players

U will have opera mini
U have some useful things of SEX like kamasutra too

Enjoy more then 85 applications of mobile and Bluetooth hacking

TO download applications all in one time => Click on me :)

Countermeasures For Bluetooth hacking

* All the softwares works well in Nokia phones

** When someone asking for connection and ask for type in the pin :: here it hacking ur Bluetooth only samsung mobiles ask for pin

*** Always close ur Bluetooth when its not in use :: two things happens u will save 20% of battery and will save from hacking

**** always look into the person phone y is it asking, pin for ::

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Bhavneet said...

Bhai yaar mane tere profile read ke mere ko hacking gaming m bohot interest hai . Now i am in 1st computer science to aap mere ko koi course btao after complete ug