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Saturday, 11 February 2012

           ::Computer Lab Funs::

How to have some LOL funs in Computer Lab ?

Every one in college/schools/office have computer over there :: u can play pranks on ur friends and laugh out loudly

Now how to play tricks and pranks

Heres' the SECRET

There is a software name call ANGRY IP SCANNER

To download ANGRY IP SCANNER => Click on me :)

Now what to do

Sit down at the last computer in computer lab :: as we all know that all computers are connected to each other with the help of hub or LAN wire  ::
Now install angry ip scanner at the last computer u r sitting

Open ur cmd (command prompt) type ipconfig and get ur computer's ip so that u may not shutdown ur computer

Angry ip Scanner looks like this

When scanner is instal :: run the angry ip scanner u will get all the ips of the computer :: select all the ip (except the computer u r sitting) and give the command shutdown from the command option given in menu :: and vollaaaa all the computer vl shutdown :: and every one think y the computer turned off


Make a shutdown bactch file command

Or download the shutdown batch file command => Click on me :)

After making or downloading the file :: put this file in the startup folder
navigate to startup folder => C:/programdata/microsoft/windows start menu/programs/startup

Now when ever someone open this computer this file will be activated and computer will shutdown ::

More Tricks On Computer Shutdown => Click on me :)


Now open run window (window key + R )

Type this command

shutdown -s -t 15 -c "You are buffalo" Or what ever u want

this command is shutdown computer after 15 sec

and to shutdown computer at a particular time here is the command

at 11:45 AM or PM shutdown -s -t 00

now what this command does is this shutdown computer at particular time ::: so if someone is working on that computer and when this time comes the computer will shutdown and person will think for a while what had happen :: y the computer shutdown

To know more :: shutdown computer at particular time => Click one me :)

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