Fun with Terminal/Konsole Backtrack 5

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I know hacking is great fun but sometimes we want some fun rather then hacking
i mean to say to impress someone :: to show how we work with backtrack and to show backtrack is easy and i play with backtrack

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Now here is some fun with Backtrack Terminal / Konsole


To see the Video tutorial => Click on me :)

what u gonna do is open ur terminal
and type in there

apt-get install cmatrix and hit enter

cmatrix will install
after cmatrix is installed

type in cmatrix and hit enter and matrix coding will start in terminal

Next u type in

apt-get install sl and hit enter

when sl is installed then type in sl -laf and hit enter
and see the magic a train will be moving

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The third and the last one type in

apt-get install cowsay and hit enter

cowsay will be installed :: when cowsay is installed

type in  cowsay "hello"  and hit enter and see cow will say hello

Volla have fun with all these things and impress everyone

©Pprasoon nigam