Recover JPEG files with BACKTRACK

Thursday, 24 May 2012

How to recover ur memorable JPEG files with the help of Backtack 5 ?

Heres' the SECRET

in Backtrack 5 there is a software name revcoverjpeg which helps u to recover all ur jpeg file :) :))

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now how it works

insert the backtrack 5 bootable usb

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after opening the backtrack 5 with help or ur USB

open ur terminal/knosole in backtrack 5

now type in commands

cd Dsesktop

mkdir Pprasoon  (we are making a new folder on desktop)

then type cd Pprasoon

now type in fdisk -l (this will show u all ur hard drives with their space)

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then type in the main command to get ur jpeg files

recoverjpeg /dev/sda1
(*sda1is the name or ur first harddrive, u can use sda2 for second, sda3 for third and as many as u want but one by one)

if the above command doesn't work then this means the software is not installed :: to install the software

type in aptget install revcoverjpeg and press enter and  then do all the above things

after doing all this work open ur folder made on desktop name Pprasoon and see all your photos

© Pprasoon Nigam

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