4 working screen in Winodws like linux

Friday, 1 June 2012

Everyone knows that linux O.S (backtrack) gives you 4 screen to do different tasks in different screens

like wise today i will give u a software that will give 4 different screen on windows O.S to work different things

Heres' the SECRET

to download the software => Click on me :)

 the name of the software is Shock4Way3D

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it basically a 3d effect software for computer and laptop screen but studying more about i got to know that it gives 4 screen to use and use different work simultaneously

here is the view

as u can see in the image u can see 4 desktop :: so use these desktop and work on them
to get the second desktop click on the blue icon (see in photo 2 downside) :: keep pressing the left button of the mouse and move the mouse left side + keep pressing the left button and then release it ::


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the second method is

as u seen in the above photo there is the icon use it :: second click on the blue icon near the time :: and read everything

©pprasoon nigam

so have fun with 4 screen as linux have and a 3d view too

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