Countermeasures On OPHCRACK (Safe ur WIN 7/VISTA/XP)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to safe your windows 7 password from being hacked by the help of OPHCRACK

Heres' the SECRET

First here is the way how to hack the password of windows 7  => Click one me

Now how to safe yourself

Very simple thing you have to do

*) just keep your password of minimum lenght of 7

**) keep your password with combination of alphabets, numbers and ASCII Codes

***) never keep your password in series :: for example prasoon09 :: OPHCRACK HAVE ABILITY TO CRACK IT

****) keep the passwoed in jumble format :: for example pras09oon$$ :: OPHCRACK will not crack it

OPHCRACK  is better software to crack or break or hack window xp or vista or 7 password but not the best ::

It also have limitation :: Few next you will be getting the best possible way to hack or crack or break password of vista or xp and even 7 that the best possible way i will give

thanks for reading

Pprasoon Nigam a security expert

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