Different ways to HIDE Drives

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I know this is not a new or any amazing post that i have written over but i just wanted to tell you the features y to hide drives

Heres' the SECRET

Features to hide drives

* 100% totally protected from VIRUS

** 100% totally protected files to be STOLEN

*** 100% totally protected that files to be FORMATTED or DELETED

**** 100% ,, MOST IMPORTANT files are safe of your company, business, or any work you do.

***** 100% files are safe if even some one breaks in to windows password

Lets hide drive different ways

First method to hide drive with help of  gpedit (help of Group Policy)

Steps ***  open run command (windows key + R) then type in gpedit.msc

a window will open namely Local Group Policy Editor

At the left side of the window you will see "USER CONFIGURATION " AND "COMPUTER CONFIGURATION"


Click on Administrative Templates

then click on Windows Components

then click on Windows ExplorerAt the right side of the window navigate and look for  "Hide these specified drives in My Computer."

   Click on it and a window will open and check on Enable and in the same window you will see         
"OPTION" and you can pick option which drive you want to hide

These are the options
  • Restrict A, B, C and D drives only
  • Restrict A, B and C drives only
  • Restrict A and B drives only
  • Restrict all drives
  • Restrict C drive only
  • Restrict D drive only
  • Do not restrict drives
Second method to hide drive is the help of Registry key

To Hide all Drive (Download registry key ) => Click on me

To Hide only C Drive (Download registry key) => Click on me

To Hide only D Drive (Download registry key) => Click on me

To Hide only E Drive (Download registry key) => Click on me

To Hide only F Drive (Download registry key) => Click one me

To Enable the drives (one or all) (Download registry key) => Click on me

** These all can be done manually just open the downloaded file & read the instruction as for example

we are opening enable all the drives :: second click on the file and select Edit

() open run command type regedit and hit enter

a window will open

Navigate =>  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]     These commands will be seen in the left of the window
"NoDrives"=dword:0   [ This command you have to write at the right of the window]

How to write => just second in blank space at the right side of the window and select dword and type above code same as it is (without quotes) .. and restart your computer

Third way to Hide Drives help of CMD (Command Prompt)

Open you CMD (Command Prompt) 

Type cd\  and press enter
   Type diskpart and press enter (a window will open same as cmd namely  as diskpart)

        Type (in second Window) list volume and press enter  Note : there is space between list & Volume
         Type select volume for eg we take 4 and press enter
          Type remove letter (drives name) E and press enter

And you are done

Now to get back the Drive again

Repeat the whole procedure and at the place of remove letter just type assign letter (drives name) and press enter

and exit

Here is The Video tutorial for the CMD => Click on me