How to keep our COMPUTER or LAPTOP safe

Sunday, 20 November 2011

What is this Windows 7 password is cracked or break not even windows XP is safe what to do now ::

How to keep our computer or laptop  safe :: aa question is big

Heres' the SECRET

To keep your Laptops and computer safe with different ways

Firstly put the password in BIOS

Put the password in BIOS

Here is the procedure

*) Open your bios with the help of pressing F2 or DEL key or F8 or ESC button every machine has different button

**) Now go to the SECURITY option

***) Select USER PASSWORD :: you will be prompt to enter a password

****) Enter eight (8) digit password which is secure and strong also

*****) It will again ask for the password or confirm password and you will be done

******) Now press F10 to save or go to save option and hit enter on YES

*******) The machine will reboot and ask for password just enter your password and every  time you reboot or restart it will ask for the password at the first in BIOS


Why did i tell you put the password in BIOS ?

*) BIOS is some what a strong and not easy breakable also

**) The person will also be not able to reach into your computer if it uses third party attack :: with the help of backtrack or something else

***) It basically more secure and safe from other log on breaking passwords

****) Even no CD or DVD can break it.

*****) BIOS password can be also be broken but the trick  does not  follow or work every time

I recommend to use to put password in your BIOS


*) Its not breakable so if you forget you have to go your vendor to open it

**) BIOS password can be also be broken but the trick does not  follow every time ( i will be posting how to break the BIOS password after few days)

Second Way to keep your LAPTOP secure


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You can also trace your laptops =>

Blog posting will be stopped for a month ( i am heart fully sorry for saying this but i am really busy for a month)

after one month i will be coming with new ideas a new way to be safe and protected from being hacked and cracked

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