Change the icons of your drive vd ur image

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Change the icons of your drive ( C: D: E: AND ALL THE OTHER DRIVEs)


Put your image in replace of hard disk icon

here what you do.. just download the image from any where

download "any to icon" software ::: Download =>   any2icon software 

convert the image to icon with the help the above software

in the same way convert your image (photo) into the icon with the any2icon software

now put icon image in the hard disk whom you want to change the icon....

now open the notepad
type the following code

icon="name of the icon file".ico  :::::;  put the name of the icon file for example icon name file is prasoon ... no put the name as prasoon.ico without quotes

now save as autorun.inf in same drive where you have stored the icon image

here download the sample open the rar file copy both the file paste in to your pen drive or USB

remove and re enter the pen drive or the usb   ::  Download=>  sample (click here)

HERE IS THE VIDEO :::     Video tutorial