The First Kiss

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A first kiss is always special, and usually scary. However, with the right strategy, your first kiss can be worthwhile and fulfilling. The biggest thing that you can do to blow a first kiss is to try to kiss them too soon! This might be scary to hear because you'll ask yourself, "What if it's still too soon?" all the time. But you want to make sure that you're not trying to kiss them before you've even held hands or known each other for a while. You don't want to kiss them too soon for two reasons:
1.    You don't want them to think you're more interested in kissing than you are interested in them.
2.    You don't want them to think you like them a ton more than they like you, or they'll get scared

If they reciprocate your other physical gestures, such as holding hands, putting your arm around them, etc., then you can kiss them. However, don't kiss them immediately after you hold hands the first time! Do those other things for a few days to let the tension build until they are dying for you to kiss them!
The second biggest way you can blow a first kiss is to wait forever and miss too many opportunities. While it's good to let them wonder when you're going to do it (you want them to know you have confidence and are in control of yourself and the situation), if you wait for weeks and weeks and pass up too many opportunities, they're just going to move on.
Another thing: don't talk about it before you do it! Nothing ruins romance more than talking it to death before it happens! Let the attraction build, be calm and confident, and just kiss them when the moment presents itself. You don't have to put on a big production or arrange some fancy or romantic date or event in order to kiss them. Kiss them for the first time when you are by yourselves--spontaneously!
One more thing! Don't buy their affection! Don't think that you can take a girl out to dinner and she owes you a kiss. Girls see through that and it doesn't work! Girls, don't think you can get a guy to kiss you or be interested in you by buying them things or bringing them cookies. It's not like that!

Kissing Do's and Don'ts

•    Breathe! Breathe through your nose or don't be afraid to pull back slightly to take a breath, but no one likes it when their partner violently gasps because they've been holding their breath!
•    Have fresh breath!
•    Reciprocate their kissing and be active. You don't want to be a kissing post, you want to be a kisser!
•    Be gentle, not violent!
•    Use your hands.
•    Pay attention to your partner. Kissing is not all about you--it's about making them feel good too!

•    Use too much tongue or a really stiff tongue. This can be a turn off. Try to be subtle and gentle. The slower the hotter!
•    Lick their teeth. Yuck.
•    Kiss with your eyes open. It's ok to peek once in a while, but keep em closed or you'll come off as creepy!
•    Salivate everywhere. Slobbery kissing is not cool. Just be conscious of it, and you'll do fine.
•    Move too fast. Stay in control of yourself and don't freak them out by getting too frisky!