CounterMeasures from being HACKED

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


  •     Switch to updated web browsers :: Try to work on updated browser like Firefox, Google Chrome or anything but be away from Internet Explorer :: add more security through web browser.

  •     Never click on links in email, almost ever :: Whenever possible try NOT to click on any links in email, especially since links are themselves are dangerous and phishing emails are difficult to spot.

  •     Changer your password :: Change your password every after 10 days of 15 days :: This will more good for you to be safe and try to keep strong password ::

  •     How to keep STRONG PASSWORD :: Try to use full keyboard means use alphabets, numbers and characters :: Use capital letters too :: for example P.r.#.a.S.O.$.o.n

  •     Use updated and strong ANTIVIRUS :: Try to use Strong and updated antivirus ::: Keep update every time :: If you do not have internet at home try to use that antivirus that provide updates (just search on GOOGLE)
                             LIST of Best Antivirus are

  1. Norton antivirus (updates provided on net)  :: Download  => norton antivirus with serial key + crack
  2. AVG antivirus :: Download => AVG cracke +serial key
  3. Boot minder
  4. panda Active Scan 
  5. Avast active scan :: Download => Avast internet security crack + serial key
  6. Spyware doctor :: Download => Spyware Doctor crack+ serial key

  •     USB security :: Use USB security software to be safe from virus, threats and usb hacking
                       Software recommended ::: USB Disk Security   ::: Download => USB security software crack + serial key