SHUTDOWN and RESTART your computer in 5 different ways

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Notepad trick to shutdown your computer in many ways rather then just clicking on turn off ::

 These all tricks are well working on window xp

          Details of the code of shutdown
          =     -s is for the shutdown 
          =     -r is for the restart
          =     -l is for the log off
          =     -t is for the time
          =      00 is time you can put in seconds for example 60 second for 1 minute or 120 for the 2 minute 

1) shutdown your computer with batch file coding

here is the code

@echo off
shutdown -s -t 00

write down the code on notepad and save it as kinng.bat

or download the batch file =>  batch file for shutdown
                                                 batch file for restart

2)shutdown your computer with an exe (executable) file.

second or right click on the desktop go to new select shortcut

    a window will open type at the blank space shutdown -s -t 00 click next and again click on finish and here the exe file of shortcut is ready

download the exe file =>  exe file shutdown
                                         exe file restart

3) shutdown your computer from run command

open run command press windows key+ R

  type the command shutdown -s -t 00  for shutdown
                             shutdown -r -t 00   for restart

NOTE: keep in mind that every space is important, if you miss any thing the code will not work

4) Shutdown your computer at a particular time

    open the run command (windows key + r)

     type the following code

                at 9:23AM shutdown -s -t 05
                at 9:24PM shutdown -s -t 05
                at 9:24PM shutdown -s

NOTE : After "at" you can put any particular time you want to shutdown the computer

5) here is most interesting trick :: shutdown you computer in 5 seconds

   just open you task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) now go to shutdown menu
             select turn off option

            now do like this press ctrl + then click on turn off and count 5 4 3 2 1 here shutdown


Download the file => exe file of hibernate

But first you have to enable the hibernate :: go to control panel then to power option and then to the hibernate option check the enable hibernate then click ok here you go

you may hibernate buy opening the shutdown window press ctrl button the stand by will change to hibernate