How to read a person like a BOOK

Sunday, 5 June 2011

LIFE :: True testing Ground

For READING GESTURES  :::: A man standing in the telephone booths. See the man standing with his body at attention. His coat is buttoned. He gives the impression that whoever he is talking with his to is very important to him. He might be salesman talking to a customer on the telephone as if he were actually in his presence..

If the MAN is relaxed, he slouches over, shifts his weight from foot to foot and rests his chin on his chest. He appears to be looking at the floor and nods his heads as is saying, "Haan Haan", "acha acha". Reading this person further, you get impression that he is comfortable but possible bored with conversion. THE RECEIVER OF THE CALL CAN BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED IT''S probably his wife or boring friend .