Different ways to HIDE Drives

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I know this is not a new or any amazing post that i have written over but i just wanted to tell you the features y to hide drives

Heres' the SECRET

Features to hide drives

* 100% totally protected from VIRUS

** 100% totally protected files to be STOLEN

*** 100% totally protected that files to be FORMATTED or DELETED

**** 100% ,, MOST IMPORTANT files are safe of your company, business, or any work you do.

***** 100% files are safe if even some one breaks in to windows password

Lets hide drive different ways

First method to hide drive with help of  gpedit (help of Group Policy)

Steps ***  open run command (windows key + R) then type in gpedit.msc

a window will open namely Local Group Policy Editor

At the left side of the window you will see "USER CONFIGURATION " AND "COMPUTER CONFIGURATION"


Click on Administrative Templates

then click on Windows Components

then click on Windows ExplorerAt the right side of the window navigate and look for  "Hide these specified drives in My Computer."

   Click on it and a window will open and check on Enable and in the same window you will see         
"OPTION" and you can pick option which drive you want to hide

These are the options
  • Restrict A, B, C and D drives only
  • Restrict A, B and C drives only
  • Restrict A and B drives only
  • Restrict all drives
  • Restrict C drive only
  • Restrict D drive only
  • Do not restrict drives
Second method to hide drive is the help of Registry key

To Hide all Drive (Download registry key ) => Click on me

To Hide only C Drive (Download registry key) => Click on me

To Hide only D Drive (Download registry key) => Click on me

To Hide only E Drive (Download registry key) => Click on me

To Hide only F Drive (Download registry key) => Click one me

To Enable the drives (one or all) (Download registry key) => Click on me

** These all can be done manually just open the downloaded file & read the instruction as for example

we are opening enable all the drives :: second click on the file and select Edit

() open run command type regedit and hit enter

a window will open

Navigate =>  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer]     These commands will be seen in the left of the window
"NoDrives"=dword:0   [ This command you have to write at the right of the window]

How to write => just second in blank space at the right side of the window and select dword and type above code same as it is (without quotes) .. and restart your computer

Third way to Hide Drives help of CMD (Command Prompt)

Open you CMD (Command Prompt) 

Type cd\  and press enter
   Type diskpart and press enter (a window will open same as cmd namely  as diskpart)

        Type (in second Window) list volume and press enter  Note : there is space between list & Volume
         Type select volume for eg we take 4 and press enter
          Type remove letter (drives name) E and press enter

And you are done

Now to get back the Drive again

Repeat the whole procedure and at the place of remove letter just type assign letter (drives name) and press enter

and exit

Here is The Video tutorial for the CMD => Click on me

How to keep our COMPUTER or LAPTOP safe

Sunday, 20 November 2011

What is this Windows 7 password is cracked or break not even windows XP is safe what to do now ::

How to keep our computer or laptop  safe :: aa question is big

Heres' the SECRET

To keep your Laptops and computer safe with different ways

Firstly put the password in BIOS

Put the password in BIOS

Here is the procedure

*) Open your bios with the help of pressing F2 or DEL key or F8 or ESC button every machine has different button

**) Now go to the SECURITY option

***) Select USER PASSWORD :: you will be prompt to enter a password

****) Enter eight (8) digit password which is secure and strong also

*****) It will again ask for the password or confirm password and you will be done

******) Now press F10 to save or go to save option and hit enter on YES

*******) The machine will reboot and ask for password just enter your password and every  time you reboot or restart it will ask for the password at the first in BIOS


Why did i tell you put the password in BIOS ?

*) BIOS is some what a strong and not easy breakable also

**) The person will also be not able to reach into your computer if it uses third party attack :: with the help of backtrack or something else

***) It basically more secure and safe from other log on breaking passwords

****) Even no CD or DVD can break it.

*****) BIOS password can be also be broken but the trick  does not  follow or work every time

I recommend to use to put password in your BIOS


*) Its not breakable so if you forget you have to go your vendor to open it

**) BIOS password can be also be broken but the trick does not  follow every time ( i will be posting how to break the BIOS password after few days)

Second Way to keep your LAPTOP secure


Download Laptop alarm => Click on me

For more security go to this => click one me

You can also trace your laptops => http://www.ztrace.com

Blog posting will be stopped for a month ( i am heart fully sorry for saying this but i am really busy for a month)

after one month i will be coming with new ideas a new way to be safe and protected from being hacked and cracked

Yours truly
Secrets finally revealed
Pprasoon nigam a security expert

Any solution to the problem :: for example free software, hacking, cloud computing, and anything related to computer

Please send mail to fraternity.contacts@gmail.com


Countermeasures On OPHCRACK (Safe ur WIN 7/VISTA/XP)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to safe your windows 7 password from being hacked by the help of OPHCRACK

Heres' the SECRET

First here is the way how to hack the password of windows 7  => Click one me

Now how to safe yourself

Very simple thing you have to do

*) just keep your password of minimum lenght of 7

**) keep your password with combination of alphabets, numbers and ASCII Codes

***) never keep your password in series :: for example prasoon09 :: OPHCRACK HAVE ABILITY TO CRACK IT

****) keep the passwoed in jumble format :: for example pras09oon$$ :: OPHCRACK will not crack it

OPHCRACK  is better software to crack or break or hack window xp or vista or 7 password but not the best ::

It also have limitation :: Few next you will be getting the best possible way to hack or crack or break password of vista or xp and even 7 that the best possible way i will give

thanks for reading

Pprasoon Nigam a security expert


any problem anything related to  hacking, cracking, breaking, software & any thing related to computer do send mail on


Break windows 7 password

Monday, 14 November 2011

Breaking into windows 7 password

Heres' the SECRET

The software name is OPHCRACK

Download OPHCRACK => click on me

Here is the video tutorial => Click on me

Extract the Contents from .exe & .msi file

Monday, 7 November 2011

Extract the Contents from a .exe executable file

Heres' the SECRET

Download the software =>  Click on me

The tool is capable of extracting the contents of the archive or self executable files however it can’t create any archive file on its own. But if you only wish to have a tool to see the contents of an archive or other packages, then this is the tool to have in your system.

Extract the contents from a .msi executable setup file

Sometimes initializing the .msi installer will temporarily extract the files into C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp, but those files are removed once the installer exits.

here are the command with steps

Step *: Open run and type cmd..

Step **: Type msiexec /a C:\yourfile.msi /qb TARGETDIR=G:\msi_test

Step ***: Now wait for a few seconds.. Then u will see a popup extracting files.

Step *****: It’s done. Now open the target directory and check out extracted files and folders.

Note: C:\yourfile.msi is the file which will be extracted. G:\msi_test is the folder location where the extracted files will be located. The destination directory does not need to exist prior to running this command.

Scare your friends with Most funny Virus

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Scare your friends with Most funny Virus

Heres' the SECRET

Its just a funny virus and it will not harm any of your file in system just too make friend scared here the batch file

here is the code just type in notepad or copy and .save it as kinng.bat


Download the file => Click on me

@echo off 

pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
echo It will now begin to delete your files. 

pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
echo Do you want to abort the deletion of your files? 

echo Wow you really fell for that.AB made the CODE which will delete your account. 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
echo deleting....... 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 
pathping localhost -q 2 -p 250 > nul 

Add a Background Image to a Folder

Add a Background Image to a Folder

Heres' the SECRET

Step *: Open notepad (windows key + R type in notepad)

Step **: Copy and paste the following line in your notepad.


Note: C:\Background.jpg will be shown as your background image. You can Change it to your current background image path. The picture must fit your screen resolution. (its an example) can use any picture

Step ***: Now save the file as “desktop.ini".

Step ****: Now copy-paste the file to any folder where you want to show the background picture.

Step ***** : wooolllllaaaaa done..!! Refresh to see the changes.

The most easiest way to use a software

download the software => Click on me
Works in Windows XP perfectly...

Google Images Bulk Image Downloader

Google Images is the main source for any Blogger or any other normal person to get his desired image for his personal or commercial use and sometimes it pisses off when you have to open all the images one by one and then choose save image as and that’s done.

Heres' the SECERT


*. Download the software => Click on me  

**. After download it extract it and RUN the application.

***. You will see something like below interface .:

****. Now go to the Google Images and search images which you wanna download in BULK.

*****. After searching copy the link and click on Get URL like in the above image and it will grab your copied URL, now click on Get Image Links and after it has grabbed all the links choose a folder where you wanna save the images and then click on Download.