Add ur image in a mp3 file

Monday, 30 April 2012

Amazing thing when a song played on ur cell phone and ur image is shown instead of movie poster ?

Many of u think what a big deal in this::

But i like and i share it with all my friends and readers of my blog ::

Like i feel i am ricky bahl :: so when ever song is played "aadat se majboor" in my phone i hate the poster of the film so i thought let it be me over there as the poster so worked on it how to change the poster of the film even its has the extension of .mp3 (voo great na)

Every one must be thinking what a big deal in this this can be done in windows movie maker or something like that software ::
But the big deal is how change the poster in song having the extension of .mp3 now this is a big deal

So to change the movie poster in any poster or ur photo poster ::


what all u need is 2 software

1st software is format factory
to download the software => click on me :)

2nd software is mp3tag
to download the software => Click on me :)

Download songs from the websites u like

i give u some link   just click on them u will boom to the website


after downloading song from these website or any website

then open the software format factory and convert the mp3 song in to mp3 :: ya u must be thinking WTF i am saying this but doing this u remove the poster of the film the song u have downloaded
ok after doing this open the software mp3tag

this the software view

now here are the steps how to do it ::

step* open the software

step** click on file and then click on change directory
          a new window will open now go the folder were u keep safe ur songs

step*** all the songs will be displayed and then select the song u want to add ur image

step**** now see the arrow in the figure were it is pointer to right or second click on it and there will be a option add cover and click on it and a window will open and select ur photo or image that u want to tag and volllaaaa u r done with it ::

step***** now open ur song and see ur image while playing ur fav. song...

©Pprasson nigam

For This Trick we humble thank to our first admin

Cracking Hash BACKTRACK 5

Friday, 13 April 2012



What all u need is Backtrack 5

TO Download backtrack 5 => Click on me

To make a bootable backtrack pendrive => Click on me

and how to hack someone WIFI =>Click on me

So after getting backtrack 5

Here are the steps how to do it

*Copy the md hash in to the gpedit (notepad in backtrack) and save any name u want i save as hash.txt

** Now copy and paste that file (hash.txt) in the root folder

*** Now open the terminal in the backtrack and type

    Here are the commands

            cd (space) /pentest/passswords/hash  press enter

then the second command is

             ./hash --format =raw-MD5 (space) /root/hash.txt    and press enter

Now here is a website for FREE which will help the decode hash file online

TO BOOM the website  => Click on me :)

© Pprasoon nigam