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Monday, 22 October 2012

Some INTERESTING trCicks  ::


Want To Set Video As Wallpaper
For that u need a VLC media player
If you do not have => Click on me
1: install it.
2: Run VLC media player
3: Go to Settings->preferences->Interface->Main interfaces,den click on wxWidgets
4: Remove de tick from "Taskbar" n put a tick on "Systray icon".
5: then go to Video->Output Modules->DirectX...
6: On the bottom right put a tick on advanced options check u will see some options....Put a tick on "Enable Wallpaper Mode "
7: Den select playlist n put a tick on "Repeat current item"
8: Click on Save button.
9: Restart ur player
10: Den play any video u wud like to set as Wallpaper
11: Right click on de video and click on "Wallpaper".The video wud be set as ur wallpaper!!!!
Thats it !!!

HACK WIFI WITH GUI software => Click on me :))
Put theme on ur facebook => Click on me :))

XP hack
3) TYPE "control userpasswords2 " WITHOUT THE QUOTES
4 screen in windows => Click on me :))
Add ur image in mp3 file => Click on me :))

Precautions before you format a PC | A Brand New Setup…

So, Now you have made your mood to format your PC by yourself. It’s definitely a good thought but before you go for that there are some basic tips for which you should consider. Although installing windows is not a tough job as every thing is already explained while the Windows Setup Runs, Then is there any other steps that is required… of course Yes… detailed description provided below

1. Data Backup: This is the most important factor while you prepare to format your pc, If this is a new one then you can left this step for now but keep this in mind next time when you want to format this.What all you have to backup all the data files or the important one you have worked earlier, look after carefully each and every location where you may have saved them. The most probably folder includes Desktop and MY Document Folder, but you should look in other areas also from your C: Drive or where windows folder installed.

2. Device Drivers: As you know that every PC has a special set of devices like Display, Sound, Network, USB etc which required special drivers to work them perfectly. And each device is very likely will have different devices then any other configuration PC. So you required to have the drivers handy before you format any PC if you don’t have any CD with the drivers included then should look for it over Internet. Very Soon I will post an article “What to do if the Driver CD Missed” Subscribe to the Feed burner for daily Updates of the articles Published.

3. Software Packages: Again even if you have successfully formatted and installed the device driver Your computer won’t be operational until and unless you install in it some applicable software packages. The computer with the Operating System has the basic packages of software to run your computer. But those won’t be enough to help you carry out the basic works of typing. So you have to make sure that you have the soft copy of all the software installed.  Always remember that before you format or reinstall your windows or vista or any OS in your system, you need to get back up of the software packages or set-up of them in a Drive like D or E. The set up with the key numbers is very important that you must always make a back up of. Otherwise formatting the system will delete all the  software packages from your system. The back of the set-up of software packages enables you to re-install the packages for smooth running.

HACKING MOVIES to get urself boost up

Great Hacking MOVIES to get urself boost up ::



1) Swordfish**

2) Sneakers

3) The Net

4) Tron

5) The Matrix (Trilogy)

6) War Games

7) Untraceable (2008)

8) The Core (2003) 10 minute

9) The Lawnmower Man (1992)

10) Deja Vu (2006)

11) GoldenEye (1995)

12) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

13) Mission Impossible (1996)

14) Revolution OS (2001)

15) One Point O (2004)

16) Enemy of the State in 2001.

17) eXistenZ (1999)

18) Sneakers (1992)

19) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

20) Die hard 4

21) Code Hunter

22) Ghost in the Shell

23) Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

24) Hardwired

25) Nirvana

26) Pi

27) Serial Experiments: Lain

28) Sixteen Tongues

29) X-Files: Kill Switch (Episode 11, Season 5)

30) Breach

31) Firewall

32) Swordfish

33) Take down

34) Office Space

35) Pirates of Silicon Valley

36) Enemy of the State

37) Independence Day

38) Strange Days

39) Real Genius

40) Weird Science

41) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

42) 2001: A Space Odyssey BONUS

43) Forty years of hackers at the movies
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