How to use two WhatsApp in one Android device

Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to use two WhatsApp on one Android phone


Use two WhatsApp without rooting up mobile phone 

many of u thinking am i joking or kidding, is it really true if yes then tell me how?

Why two whatsapp

* to make urself different
** to keep some people away from ur personal no.
*** want to have personal no. with personal whatsapp for ur lover
**** just to show yeah i can do this i have two whats app
****** mobile is not rooted up (no rooting is needed) so u can safe ur warranty and gurrantey

now how to do it that's the important part


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first of all back up all ur chats of whats app


Go to setting => then to chat setting and click on backup option
after backing up ur whatsapp

*** go to setting to the apps setting and uninstall ur whatsapp

**** when u have unistalled then go to storage => phone storage and find WhatsApp folder

rename ur WhatsApp folder to WhatsAppold
** as if u have renamed ur whatsapp now install a new whatsapp from playstore open it up and put ur new number ( mobile number in it) then continue and agree all the terms do all that stuff; u do to register in whatsapp but remember with ur new phone no.


now go to storage and into phone storage 
=>>> now rename ur whatsappold folder to OGWhatsApp

  Rename  "WhatsAppold => OGWhatsapp"

not download this apk file names "OGWhatsApp"

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** Now install the OGWhatsapp help of apk file i have given u and then register ur self with ur prvious no. (or the old no.) and here you go with two whatsapp with two different no.

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*.* WhatsApp have ur new no. registered
*.*       OGWhatsApp have ur old no. registered
*.*             if u want u can do vice versa but u will mess up with backup data