How to find STOLEN or LOST android phone

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This blog of mine will be liked and loved by all the people who love their ANDROID phones / tabs

SO what i gonna tell you is that how to find or search your lost and stolen mobile :)

phone can be stolen or lost or misplaced anytime anywhere and by anyone
and sometimes no one is there to help you and people come just for sympathy
"OH ! its so sad your 40,000/- mobile lost"
"OMG how could you misplace your mobile in the shop"

and what we do is shed some tears take help from police and or any computer engineers and in response we get nothing and have to buy a small phone or less valuable phone that we brought before :(

A mobile phone is what for us ??

* A friend that makes us time-pass when we are bored
** A place were we keep our secrets
*** A place were we have many memories in text (sms) or in pics (photos)
**** A helper when you are late coming to home
***** Nights talks and love sharing with wife or girlfriend
****** Keep you in touch with all the people you want in your life and much more

SO all these things made possible by phone so must have small security for care


Download an APP name call ANDORID LOST

Download or install app => Click on me :)

how to download apk file of android => click on me :))

so after installing this app you need
1) a gmail account
2) synchronize that gmail account in your phone
3) you can also install help of play store present in your phone

Features of ANDROID LOST app
when your phone is lost what all you can do help of this app 

*read message
** read call history
*** raise alarm
**** get mobile location
***** get imei no.
****** get photo of rear and front camera
******* lock phone change pic
******** delete everything u have in your data sd card
********* make phone silent and vibrate
and much more more u want :: u can read ever thing in detail over here  click on me :)


after installing this

* synchronize your phone with gmail id
** go to the website Android lost or Click on me :) and sign in the website and track your mobile simple
just 3 steps and you can trace your mobile phone

Here is the Video tutorial :: How to use Android lost app

Click on me :)
Installing tutorial => Click on me :)
How to use it Detail Click on me :)

SO keep your phone SAFE
Just one app helps you alot so no need of taking help and finding your self in a question "Now what i DO ?"

Be Safe and be Ethical
Pprasoon Nigam
Security Expert